5 Easy Eco Ideas For Your Small Business

Studio 42 Workspaces   •   November 16, 2020

paperless office

As entrepreneurs and small business owners it’s important to have a clear vision of not only your business goals but your business values as well.  Sustainability is high on the list when it comes to having a social conscience as we are living in an environmentally more aware era.

Studies have shown that businesses who work towards creating a better environment and demonstrate sustainability either within their day to day operations, their partnering choices or their products and services tend to have a more loyal employee and client base.  This is because there is no stronger bond than a shared value, especially one that has significant and measurable impacts while also making you feel good about yourself!

Here are 5 easy things you can implement today to improve your sustainability:

Two feet and a heartbeat

In other words, leave the car at home!  By reducing time spent in your car you’re not only improving your carbon footprint which is invaluable to our planet, you are also looking after yourself.  If walking to work isn’t an option:

  • try car-pooling with your colleagues or neighbours
  • jumping on public transport for all or part of your journey
  • or, using cycle ways and paths

Grab a reusable Cup

By eliminating the waste caused by these nasty single use items we are caring for our planet while enjoying guilt free coffee, what could be better!  It’s no secret that reusable cups are essential, fashionable and readily available, even your favorite coffee shop probably sells them.  Even better, why not get some printed with your company name and logo to give as Christmas presents to your clients and colleagues, this lets everyone know you care about them and the environment while reinforcing your commitment to your business value of sustainability.

Practice paperless

The paperless concept has been around for quite some time now, but it can be easy to fall back into old habits.  Think twice before you hit the print button, do you really need this in hard copy?  Conducting a paper audit in the office will also uncover any unnecessary paper crimes and is also a small way to make a big impact on our environment.  Some tips:

  • only use recycled paper for the printer and photocopier
  • include a note on the bottom on your email asking your clients to think before they print
  • if you’re a product-based business, try trimming back the packaging and paper you send with your product

Encourage Green Thumbs

A little bit of green on your desk can go a long way!  Encouraging your team and even your clients to be a green thumb will not only make the space more inviting, it cleans the air, improves general mood and can also start some healthy office rivalry!

Buy Local

Supporting those businesses around you is a great way to practice sustainability and engage your social conscience.  By choosing to buy your coffee, lunch, technology etc from a business who shares the same values as your own, you are effectively making double the positive impact environmentally and financially.  Becoming community minded is a huge win-win.

And most importantly, shout it from the rooftops!  Be proud of your sustainable values and practices and let everyone know what you’re doing. Studio42 is a proud eco friendly space, using only biodegradable coffee pods, cotton business cards, recycled printing paper and is fully powered by solar panels!

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