What is Coworking?

Coworking spaces are a dynamic and flexible solution for dozens of different business models and the right space can adapt to suit everything from a side hustle to an established operation. These spaces are designed to promote productivity, collaboration and idea generation in a way that allows flexibility and maintains a professional framework.

The coworking model places individuals, small teams and small businesses within the same space to reduce overheads, optimise facility use and manage administration needs more efficiently. This provides an opportunity for freelancers, start ups and emerging businesses alike to establish themselves in a professional space without compromising on quality or suffering under the crushing costs of traditional office spaces.

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How much does coworking cost?

As with all services, the cost of coworking will vary depending on factors such as location, quality and facilities. But the questions is, how much does coworking actually cost in Brisbane? The average price of coworking in Brisbane is $548 per month, but many are finding it both more convenient and more cost effective to operate close to, but outside the CBD.

70% of new coworking locations are being established outside of the city centre, and with good reason. Studio42’s prime location is central enough for convenience, distanced enough for ease of access and allows us to offer a dedicated desk space with all the associated perks for only $425 per month. With packages to suit all business types and sizes from a virtual package to a service office, Studio42 can provide a cost effective, flexible and dynamic solution for your business.

What types of coworking are there?

Coworking spaces are highly adaptable and flexible, allowing business of all types and sizes to find the perfect fit. The most popular coworking options are serviced offices, dedicated desks, hot desks and virtual offices. Serviced offices provide privacy and are easily customised to suit your needs. They can be adapted to create a luxurious and professional executive suite or can be organised to optimise the workflow of a small team.

If you are looking for something smaller, but still want the benefits of a personalised space, a dedicated desk is the perfect solution. The ready-to-go set up will have you working away in no time and a set location will let you slide into your work effortlessly. If you are not yet sure how often you need a space or only want to work onsite occasionally, a hot desk will provide you all of the facilities of a modern, top of the line office with none of the permanence, allowing you to easily book as needed.

For those looking for a business address, easy package delivery and a professional receptionist, a virtual office can take care of these administrative needs while you go wherever your business needs you. No matter which solution you choose, our modern venue and staff will present a professional image for any business and be sure to impress your guests, whether they are clients, employees or investors.

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Why has coworking become so popular?

Over the past few years coworking has taken root in Australia, evolving from a trendy buzzword to the new normal for commercial real estate. With thousands of coworking locations popping up across the nation, it begs the questions: why is coworking so popular? The truth is, for most businesses a traditional office space is proving to be an inefficient, inconvenient and unrealistic option. Businesses looking to expand are faced with the option of setting up in the sticks or throwing a huge chunk of their budget into overheads. Start ups and freelancers need to operate out of garages and hold conferences at the dinner table.

The outdated notion of locking down a permanent, isolated office space wreaks havoc with a business’s bottom line, leaves little room for flexibility and ensures that business owners will spend half of their time worrying about administrative details. With these old-school models proving to be an unrealistic choice for our generations workforce, it is no wonder that people are flocking to coworking for a streamlined, adaptable and forward-thinking solution. It looks like coworking in Brisbane is here for the long-haul!