FAQs Virtual Office Members

  • Access your account by following this link: http://studio42workspaces.spaces.nexudus.com/
  • Sign in (top right of screen) using the login information you received in the welcome email. You will need to set a new password the first time that you sign in. Once you have reset your password, confirm that you are signed in by checking the top right of the screen
  • Select ‘My account’ to see your bookings, invoices and more
  • Sign in to your account
  • Then use the ‘bookings’ drop down to search for online availability either by finding a specific room or by the entire booking calendar
  • Search by room:
    – edit the dates and times at the top of the page to your desired meeting time
    – click ‘find available rooms’
    – select ‘make a booking’ underneath your desired room
  • Search by bookings calendar:
    – use the tabs above the calendar to change view (day, week, month)
    – select desired date
  • In the pop up (as below)
    – confirm dates and times are correct
    – enter number of attendees (including yourself)
    – add a note for our team (if applicable; e.g catering required, general info)
    – add visitors (if applicable; they will receive a email with a code to sign in when they arrive, see ‘what if i have a visitor?’)
    – Click ‘Save this booking’
  • You will receive a booking confirmation email with the details of the booking (as below)
  • **Note – bookings cannot be made within 48 hours of their start time. If you require a booking in this time frame, please contact reception and we can manually create it for you (subject to availability).
  • You will receive your first invoice by email – to view and pay the invoice online you can log into your account or follow the link in the email
  • In your account, select ‘billing’ on the left-hand side (as below)
  • To download an invoice, select the small blue icon
  • To pay an invoice, select ‘pay by card’
  • Enter your card details and confirm
  • To view the details and inclusions of your virtual office package:
    – Sign in to your account
    – Select ‘my account’
    – Click on ‘plans and benefits’ on the left-hand side
    – Under ‘your plan’ you will see the details of your subscription (as below)
    – Under ‘your benefits’ you will see the monthly meeting room/hot desk credit allocated to your account and remaining amounts (as below)
    – Under ‘your additional products’ you will see any additional products added to your account (as below)
  • To use your benefits:
    – Your meeting room hire credit will be applied automatically when booking
    – The hot desk credit will be applied automatically when booking

If you need to book a car park, you can log into your account and see what parks are available.

  • In your account, go to the ‘bookings’ drop down and select ‘find a room’
  • Enter your dates & time and select ‘find available rooms’
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page or use the filters across the top of the page
  • Select an available car park by clicking ‘make a booking’
  • In the pop up, confirm dates and times
  • Click ‘Add Note’ and enter the vehicles registration
  • ‘Save this booking’

All visitors will need to sign in via our new digital sign in system in the foyer. You can add a visitor to a meeting room booking.

  • Adding a visitor to a booking:
    – When you make a booking, you can enter your visitor name and email (detailed in ‘how to book a room’)
    – They will then get sent a code for quick and easy check in (they enter the code into the iPad in the foyer) (example email below)
    – When they check in, you will receive a notification email that they have arrived
  • In your account, under ‘visitors’ you can view all of your upcoming visitors (as below)
  • Under the ‘visitors’ tab in your account you can also register a visitor (as below)
  • Enter their details and expected arrival time and they will be sent the above email