What’s Best For Your Business: Serviced Office vs Traditional Office Rental

What’s The Difference Between A Serviced Office in a Shared Workspace and a Traditional Commercial Office Rental?

Studio 42 Workspaces • 27th September 2022

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Your business might be at a point now that you’ve outgrown the home office and you’re thinking it’s time to make a move to a more permanent space. You’re faced with a choice- what’ going to be the right choice for your team. There certainly are a few options for you once you’ve figured our your desired size, location and need!

Read on to find out what the difference is between a serviced office and a traditional office rental.

The Benefits of a Serviced Office in A Shared Workspace

Business Community

Find your business community right here in your office! A shared office opens you up to the opportunity to connect and collaborate with a bunch of like minded people. Shared office spaces will even put on networking events to help you meet and connect with people in the workspace. It’s easy to find a business you need- looking for an architect- he’s two doors down, an accountant- they’re upstairs, someone to help with your marketing- they’re in the coworking space. At Studio 42 Workspaces we value our business community and put on monthly events to help them connect.

Test Out Your Space Before You Commit

Serviced Office spaces often offer shorter lease terms starting from a month so you can figure out if it’s the right space for your business! Love the workspace? Stay for longer! There is even the opportunity to move to a larger space if your team grows. You’ll no longer need to update your address every time your workspace requirements change.

Just Bring Yourself!

The beauty of a serviced office is that is provider will look after everything you need to get on with your work from day one. Your workstations are provided, your office is fully furnished and someone even cleans it for you– there’s nothing you need to organise, just plug and play! Take advantage of a range of onsite amenities from a fully stocked kitchen with snacks, tea and coffee to end of trip services and meeting rooms, board rooms and phone booths. You no longer need to worry about a printer, as your office will have a shared printer, stocked with paper and toner- you’ll never have to worry about dealing with pesky printers as your office team is here to help with onsite IT support too!

Your Reception Team, Sorted.

There’s no need to hire a receptionist when you’re a member of a serviced office. Your serviced office provider will look after reception. They will greet and manage your guests, receive mail and help you out with any day-to-day questions. The reception team can also help with a range of other services from phone answering, mail management and will keep the workspace looking presentable for your clients and staff. Studio 42 Workspaces can help with a range of services from Graphic Design, Social Media Management, Bookkeeping and other Administrate services. Helping you save money by not needing to hire a range of staff to help with small tasks.


It’s clear to see that a Serviced Office is a great first step for a business looking for their first workspace or a team looking for a collaborative office where they don’t have to worry about sourcing furniture, expensive fit outs, multi-year long leases, organising cleaners, hiring a reception team, sourcing and buying furniture and keeping the kitchen stocked.

Looking for a home for your business? Studio 42 Workspaces is happy to help! We provide office spaces for 1 – 15 person teams on flexible month-to-month leases.

You can see the workspaces we have available here in our East Brisbane Shared Workspace and you can get in touch with the team here.