The Truth Behind Shared Workspaces and How They Changed Our Business Forever

Studio 42 Workspaces   •   May 29 , 2019

At the GenM office: yoga sessions, ping pong, and long walks

My current job has completely changed my perception of what a workplace can be like. Our office has no cubicles or filing cabinets, no offices for the company founders and no punch clock to check in with every morning and evening.

Everyone sets up on long tables and thrives in an energetic environment designed to create the dream job.

Every afternoon, the sun beats in on me as I type and I feel energized to get through my day’s to-do list so I can feel the progress. From the next room over, I hear the bounce of a ping pong ball and the voices of my two coworkers who have an on-going ping pong competition.

Just another day at the GenM office!

What is GenM?

GenM provides students with free, hands-on marketing experience to help businesses grow. Students take online courses and gain practical experience with an apprenticeship. The businesses can browse through 100s of candidates and start saving time and money on their marketing efforts.

Because of the unique and complicated platform, the work is always evolving and being able to instantly collaborate benefits everyone. Our flexible and modern workspace helps us do all of this.

On top of this, our great workspace keeps employee morale high and the turnover is extremely low. No one ever quits, and we all flourish in our position because we want to help this company grow and remain employed with GenM.

What It’s Like At My Work

I work in a modern office with live plants, open spaces, and large windows to let the sun in. It is so refreshing and is (I hope) a view into what all workspaces will look like in the future.

I have worked in traditional offices and have felt mentally drained from the grey walls and dreary fluorescent lights. Managers were hard to get a hold of and coworkers were scared to take on a task not listed under their job description. Once the clock struck 5:00 pm, everyone was quick to grab their coat and get out the door.

In my new job, coworkers often communicate about our company and collaborate on tasks. Everybody feels involved and we all know that we can make a difference in the company and in the space we’re working in.

What Keeps Us Moving

Two physical activities I am able to participate in at work, thanks to the company I’m with and the space I work in, are Yoga and Walking.

We are given a long mid-day break that allows me to get out and go for a long walk. I rarely miss my chance to get outside and I know that the walk leaves me in a better physical and mental mindset once I sit down to get work done in the afternoon.

Along with these daily walks, we often have in-office yoga sessions.

Yoga is something very new to me and was only introduced to me recently through my coworkers. The co-founder of the company has his partner come in weekly to guide us through these in-office yoga sessions.

We usually have these yoga sessions near the end of the day in the middle of the week and they’ve left me feeling refreshed, relaxed and energized. Something about participating in an activity like this while at work really puts things in perspective.

As I mentioned above, you will also find a ping pong table inside the GenM office. The competition is fun and the games can lighten the mood and provide a mental and physical break from your mid-day work struggles. Who doesn’t enjoy ping pong?

Why I Think it’s Beneficial

Obviously, physical exercise is beneficial to you. A long walk or yoga session at any point is going to help you feel better. It just will.

But participating in these activities while at work is a special kind of feeling. Many times, I’ll come up with work-related ideas while on my walk and I always feel energized and awake when I return to my computer for the afternoon.

If you are determined to succeed and get as much done as possible through the work day, I highly recommend taking a look at alternative methods to the traditional 9-5 with an hour break, and looking at how you can feel more energised in the perfect setting.

A traditional office with coworkers you fail to communicate with is not the best way. We work in a more modern office with different hours and it has worked for us. It’s all about finding what will help you get the most out of yourself and your employees. Try it out. Maybe it’s for you!


About the Author

Darcy Cudmore is a Journalism graduate working in PR with GenM.

In the past, he gained experience working in Communications, Digital Marketing, Broadcast and more. Find him with a Stephen King book in his hands!