To CBD or not to CBD: The Pros and Cons of Working in the Inner City versus the City Fringes

Studio 42 Workspaces   •   June 7, 2018

City view with city lights

The CBD is called the Central Business District for a reason – a LOT of people work in this central part of often large cities. Public transport options, a bustling atmosphere and coffee shops on every corner are definite pluses to a CBD location. But trends are showing that businesses are starting to move out of the CBD. So is working in the CBD the best option?

The entire purpose of the CBD is to provide accessibility. You’re in the heart of the city meaning many facilities are conveniently located. Need to mail your mum a birthday card but have no time to spare after work? Don’t worry, just drop it off to the Post Office on your lunch break!

These benefits do come with a cost though. A literal get-out-your-wallet cost. The CBD is notoriously expensive, especially for parking and hospitality. Brisbane is one of the most expensive cities for parking! The trend for city fringe and suburban locations is often more affordable and less competitive, meaning you will be able to find an office space or convenient place of employment much easier than you would in the CBD. Accessibility in these locations is also much easier and often gives you the option of driving, catching public transport or walking (if you live close by). Studio 42 has a post office, an IGA and multiple cafes all on the same street! Talk about accessibility!

If you thrive on interacting with others, the CBD will not disappoint. Busy offices, busy streets, events, people buzzing everywhere. The city is filled with exciting characters, so you’ll have an interesting story to tell every day. But busy means one thing – traffic. Due to it being such a popular workplace choice, traffic in the CBD is an inevitability. Whether you drive or commute, the streets and public transport will be crowded. So, say goodbye to your personal space!

Ultimately, there are an array of strengths and weaknesses for both places of working. What you choose will depend on your budget, lifestyle and personal preferences.