5 Easy Ways to Maximise Storage at Your Desk

Studio 42 Workspaces   •   April 20, 2018

Clean desk by maximising storage

Most of us are at a desk all day, every day. So it’s worth make sure you are getting the most of out your space. Most Aussie workers are situated in a cubicle or single desk for the 9-5 stint (unless you’re lucky enough to have your own office!). If this sounds like you, check out the 5 tips below to make the most of the storage you do have and you’ll be on your way to a more productive work life!

Use the Walls

Whether it’s a partition or a wall – if you have vertical space available then use it! If you look at an Ikea room decorating inspiration, the styling will utilise vertical storage and decorations. Try something like the the DocuPocket Wall-Mounted File Holder from Officeworks. You can bulk buy 3 at a time for a cheaper price and it will help you keep everything organised, without wasting drawer space. While you are at it, try displaying personal photos and calendars on the wall as well to reduce the number of items taking up space on your desk.

Invest in Hooks

If you only get 3 drawers, should you really be wasting that precious space on your bulky handbag or laptop bag? The bottom drawer always seems to be the perfect size but imagine what you could do with all that space. Ask your employer if you can install some easy-to-remove hooks to sit under your desk. You can hang your bag under there discreetly and still have full access to it. If under the desk is a no-go then look into standalone bag racks. You can still store valuable items in your drawer and keep the bulky stuff out of the way.

Get Friendly With Your Scanner

Aside from the obvious environmental arguments, cutting down on your paper usage can do wonders for maximising desk space. Go as paperless as possibly by scanning files onto your computer and shredding anything confidential. Plus, if you store all the shredded paper in a paper bag or cardboard box you can pop it in your recycling bin. A word to the wise: make sure that you keep your e-files organised as well, chaotic screens are just as bad for your stress levels as messy drawers.

Divide and Conquer

Nearly all of us have suffered from a top drawer littered with loose paperclips, boxes of staples and far more pens then we started with (half of which don’t work). Do a stock take of all of your stationery, work out what you really need and donate the rest to a local school or charity. Once you’ve got the essentials, grab a drawer organiser and arrange all of your items properly. Not only will you be actually be able to find everything, but you’ll save plenty of desk space by keeping everything tucked away in the top drawer.

Start Archiving

Some files can’t be shredded or scanned for legal, accounting or organisation reasons. Ask your employer about a secure holding facility for archives like a lockable room or safe. If a dedicated room isn’t an option, then put confidential documents in a lockable drawer and put any other files in storage containers.

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