Should You Have a Meeting Offsite?  Absolutely!

Studio 42 Workspaces   •   May 17th 2021

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If you “have to have” a meeting, why not take it offsite?

One thing COVID has taught many of us is that a meeting can often be replaced by an email or a phone call.  However, the personal connection and the ideas that can come from being physically together focusing on the business is a powerful thing.

So why not supercharge it and take the meeting offsite?  Here are a few things to consider:

1 –It is a space to FOCUS

When attending an offsite meeting you are leaving behind all the interruptions and distractions of your BAU (business as usual) workday to sit down and really concentrate on what is in front of you. This is particularly useful for problem solving, brainstorming and confidential matters.  The team is more engaged and are more likely to feel energised and able to think clearly in a professional space where they can step out of their everyday environment.

Lisburn Meeting Room Studio 42 Workspaces East Brisbane

Lisburn Meeting Room Studio 42 Workspaces East Brisbane

2 –Ideal for PRESENTATIONS           

If you are presenting to a group of people who may come from different organisations or facilitating an internal program, taking it offsite is a guaranteed way to get their attention. Using the on-site facilities such as state of the art technology and support, catering, bathrooms and co-working spaces make it an easy one stop shop for a successful interaction.

Mowbray Training Room Workshop Studio East Brisbane

Flexible Workshop Boardroom Space for Hire Brisbane Woolloongabba Kangaroo Point

3 – Central LOCATION

It’s important when conducting a meeting off-site that the location is easy for everyone to get to. For example, people are more likely to attend if it is central to the CBD, accessed by public transport and has parking. A great view and a modern fit-out goes a long way as well!

Studio 42 Workspaces Central Location

Studio 42 Workspaces Central Location

4 – Helps to build and strengthen business relationships

Allocating a dedicated time and space in an offsite meeting can help to foster relationships. Colleagues, stakeholders, and leaders who haven’t previously had the opportunity to collaborate or spend time together will have the chance to do so. A common ground puts everyone at ease and is equally as effective for internal and external relationships to be formed.

Offsite meetings are becoming more and more popular for small business and large corporates alike. As the way we work is constantly evolving, so is the way we are interacting at a business level. If you haven’t previously considered connecting and collaborating in this way, now could be the perfect time to be innovative!

Meeting Room East Brisbane Boardroom Hire

Meeting Room East Brisbane Boardroom Hire

Studio 42 Workspaces is the perfect place to host your next offsite meeting! With great 24/7 availability and flexible boardrooms, training room and workshop spaces all located in a central location. Book easily online now!