Meet our Clients: Marty Lewis

Studio 42 Workspaces   •   July 8, 2020

Here at Studio 42 we value our clients so much, we never miss the opportunity to learn more about them and their business. And we don’t want to keep them all to ourselves, this month we have a chat with one of our very first clients, Marty Lewis.

Marty is a “Sultant” and Owner at Orb Services, in other words he is a Consultant, without the Con. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!

Hi Marty, thanks for your time. How did Orb Services come about?

“I have a background in Operations and Project Management of various kinds, I have used a lot of tradies and worked with a lot of tradies historically and I am actually from a family of tradies. I had a unique opportunity and perspective to see a lot of good people running businesses without business knowledge or true business expertise. I step in to help my clients build the operational machine around the back of their already successful business to keep them doing well.

I did put the idea on hold for a year or so and managed an Indoor Skydiving Tunnel, a big departure from my original business idea. However, when I decided I wanted to relocate back to Brisbane and kick start Orb Services I knew it was going to be a full-time commitment and I was ready.”

What problem does your business solve?

“Essentially, Orb Services help you do what you do, better. It’s a clean, simple, organised approach to managing and governing success, business evolution and advancement, driving performance and scaling up when your business is moving in to its next phase.”

What led you to explore coworking workspaces rather than a traditional office?

“For me, budget was the main driver. My priority was to keep all costs to a minimum while establishing the business. A coworking space was where I knew I wanted to be, it made so much sense. I wanted to be close to the city but not in the city, so location was important to me.

I did look into a few coworking spaces but decided on Studio42. I was impressed with their clean, tidy and professional spaces, it’s new and modern with a good feeling, a good atmosphere and that was definitely a factor. I also had a really good introduction to Studio42 in working closely with their business manager while I was still based outside of Brisbane to get it all set up. And the actual facilities are great, really nice boardrooms in different sizes depending on why you need them, they have cool tech in terms of smart boards, new TV’s, it’s all freshly painted and the decor is really nice!”

Which Studio42 solution/package do you use?

“Virtual Office – I pay a monthly fee for a phone number, mail service, location with the option to use the coworking space and boardrooms.”

How would you describe Studio 42 to someone who is looking for an alternative office set up?

“To be honest, its the best of both worlds. I spend a lot of time on site with my clients (pre COVID19), my week is generally 2 days with clients, a day at Studio42 and a day working from home. This can change week from week, particularly now, so flexibility is key for me. “

Do you feel like there is scope for your business to expand within Studio42?

“This is something I have considered, adding to headcount with possibly an EA/PA and Studio42 would be the natural place for me to do that. There is potential to continue with virtual/coworking arrangement or move into a permanent serviced office space. I’m not there yet, but its definitely on my radar to bring another person into Orb Services.”

What has surprised you most about working with Studio42?

“I didn’t really understand or expect the social side of coworking. There’s a long consistency of the same people using Studio42 so I’ve had the chance to develop professional and social networks and I’ve really enjoyed that aspect. The events are great, I prioritise getting to these as they’re always good fun. Also, the owners Merran and Dave are around and welcome a chat, it’s a nice touch.

Thanks again for your time today Marty, we’ve really enjoyed it! Just one final questions – Bush of Beach?

It’s a tough one, but I’ll go with bush. I’m a Tamworth kid at heart!

If you’d like to chat with Marty, check out his website here!