Helpful Resources for Putting Your Business Out There with Podcasts

Cherie Mclaughlin  •  Studio 42 Workspaces   •   March 18 2021

Helpful Resources for Putting Your Business Out There with Podcasts

Did you wake up with a podcast this morning? Or, maybe you listened to one on the drive home this afternoon? If you answered “yes” to these questions, or if you listen to podcasts on a regular basis, you are definitely not alone. Podcasts are one of the most popular channels for news, information, and entertainment, but they can also help your small business grow!

You can leverage podcasts as a powerful marketing tool. To learn more about this exciting opportunity, you need to keep reading these tips. Want even more hacks and resources to help your business? Then, you should also check out all of the offerings from Studio 42 Workspaces.

New to Podcasts? Here Are Some Tips to Know

Who listens to podcasts? The answer is pretty much everyone! Before you dive into the first steps for creating your own podcast, here are some crucial podcast stats to know.

  • Data reveals that nearly half of young adults tuned into podcast platforms in 2020.
  • Perhaps more impressive is that 80 percent of listeners will always finish an episode!
  • So, the trick is to create content that will get target consumers to start listening.

Now you may be thinking “How on earth do I create a podcast that will get folks to listen and pay attention?” The thing to remember is that you don’t have to figure it out all on your own! As long as you have some intriguing content, you can hire freelancers to help you create and edit your podcast until it sounds polished and professional.

As one such example, you could search for a popular and user-friendly freelance job board for podcast editors. The best freelance editors understand what’s involved in the podcast production process, and how to ensure the best sound quality for listeners.

Content, Content Content: How to Get Yours Right

To get a better idea of the kind of content podcast fans are looking for these days, you could listen up to some of the most popular business podcasts in Australia. These podcasts are full of pointers for getting a new business up and running. You’ll also notice that many include the mention of sponsors and other small businesses, both of which can help market your business.

Apart from these examples, there are also some basic elements that will help your podcast gain followers. The first is a central topic. If you run a business that sells organically grown produce, for instance, you should keep the focus of your podcast on farming and related topics.

In addition to a central focus, you should also be sure to produce new episodes on a regular basis. Once people are interested in your show and your business, you want to keep the fresh content coming to keep them hooked! By the way, a 20- to 25-minute podcast is all you need since most people listen to podcasts during their daily commute.

Marketing Your Podcast to Market Your Business

 Although a podcast can be a powerful tool for marketing any small business, you also need to market your podcast. Feels like a tongue twister right? Getting your podcast out there and into the ears of potential customers doesn’t have to be complicated, especially since more people than ever before are listening to podcasts due to the pandemic.

Honestly, the best way to grow your audience is to use the tips above to ensure your content is out of this world. Of course, it also helps to throw out some calls to action via social media and to include links to your podcast on your small business website.

There’s never been a better time to promote your business using podcasts! With more people looking for ways to entertain themselves while hanging out or working at home, you’ll have more opportunities to gain listeners. That could translate into more sales and success for your business! So, get out there and get the help you need to start podcasting today.


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