5 New Year Resolutions for your Business

Studio 42 Workspaces   •   January 13, 2021

goal setting 2021

Happy New Year!  While you’ve been busy thinking about New Year Resolutions for yourself (all the same things every year – losing weight, learning a new skill, mastering a hobby, exercising more) spare a thought for your business.

New Year resolutions for your business are a fun and effective way to reset and start the year off with the right mindset.

Read on for 5 resolutions to include on your list:

Give back

Giving back is a guaranteed feel-good way to be part of your community.  There are many ways to engage and give back.  Find a charity or a cause who share your values and get involved.  You can volunteer your time, make regular financial contributions, start a mini fundraiser or sponsor a local sporting team.

Business health check

Invigorate or rewrite your business plan (monthly, quarterly or yearly). How did you go last year overall?  What are some areas of opportunity and where will you focus your time and energy? Meet with your accountant to ensure finances are in order and be clear of your financial targets and how you will achieve them.

HR refresh

2020 saw a change in the way in which many people work, this is the same for their roles. An HR refresh for job descriptions will help to clarify and formalise the new normal (whatever that looks like for you and your team). Don’t stop with job descriptions, an audit of all HR procedures, systems and expenses will get your business on track to look after your most important asset – your people.

Start a blog

Starting a blog can help to elevate your business and personal brand.  Are you a subject matter expert in a particular area?  Perhaps you’re an accomplished runner, public speaker, activist, or maybe you’d like to write about your industry.  Whatever the topic, get started! Finding common ground with your customers and encouraging them get to know through a regular blog is a great way to form meaningful connections.

Get social

Love it or hate it, social media is here to stay and when used correctly it’s a powerful tool.  Use it for generating business leads and strengthening your brand. If you aren’t sure of your way around socials do a course, there are plenty to choose from. Lock in some training so you can leverage this juggernaut in the best way possible.

Some other New Year resolutions for your business could include to delegate more, launch more regularly, manage the P&L more effectively, the list really is endless!

Setting resolutions as goals and writing them down will help drive your focus and keep you accountable.  Remember to make each resolution measurable so you can celebrate your success throughout the year.

If one of your New Year business resolutions include a new office space, get in touch with us!

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Here’s to a happy and prosperous 2021!