How to Pack Efficiently for Business Trips

Studio 42 Workspaces   •   August 7, 2018

Business trip bag for packing

Business trips can be exciting events, but the packing that accompanies them is often dreaded. Few people truly enjoy packing, which is understandable. Travelling can be stressful enough without having to worry about excess luggage charges or forgetting something important.

Here are some of our top tips for mastering the art of packing.

Choose the Right Bag

Undeniably, the most important element of packing for travel is your bag and/or suitcase. A simple rule is one trip, one bag. To choose the ultimate bag you want to choose something that suits the duration of your trip and that you feel will allow you to comfortably bring everything that you need. Anything too big will be a hassle to carry while something too small will see you versing your bag in a battle of clothes tetris. A helpful tip is to bring a versatile luggage piece that doubles as a professional bag so you are able to bring it to your business meetings. That way, you are not doubling up your luggage.

Don’t Leave it to the Last Minute

“I’ll do it later. There’s plenty of time!”. We’re all guilty of it. We keep telling ourselves that we will do it tomorrow and before you know it, it’s the night before the trip and your suitcase is yet to be packed. Oops! Give yourself some time and pack in advance. This way, you have plenty of time to carefully curate exactly what you need instead of frantically packing everything you own. This will also allow you enough time to identify any gaps in your packing and give you enough time to make additional purchases.

Pack by Outfit and Weather

Planning by outfit and weather is a life saver. You know you will look great and it means you won’t be stuck in the middle of winter with a suitcase full of shorts. If you want to challenge yourself, bringing basics that you can mix and match is a great way to pack limited items while still ensuring you will look great for your business event. Capsule wardrobes are in style for a reason!

Travel Bottles

Travel-sized products are expensive. $8 for mini shampoo and conditioner? No thanks! If your favourite products aren’t travel-friendly or you don’t want to spend a ridiculous amount on travel-sized products, then refillable travel toiletry bottles will be your best friend. They allow you to pack any toiletries or cosmetics that you need and let you go through security hassle free. Not to mention that they’re reusable for next time!

Packing doesn’t have to be stressful. By following these tips, you will master the art of packing in no time and before you know it, you will be back home and ready to do it all again for your next business trip. Until then, it’s back to the office!