How to Improve Your Daily Commute

Studio 42 Workspaces   •   March 3, 2018

Unfortunately flying cars haven’t appeared as soon as we had all hoped. For now it looks like we are stuck with the morning commute – on the ground. For plenty of people out there, the morning commute is a bus, train or (in Brisbane) a ferry. However, a lot of us are hitting the road to get to our workplace each day. Here are some easy ways to shake up your morning drive and start the day on the right foot:

Get Comfy

If you are in corporate work wear for 90% of every workday, treat yourself with a comfy commute. Keep your heels in a bag and trade them for a pair of sneakers or ballet flats for the drive. Your feet will thank you and if you are feeling up to it you can even park a couple hundred metres away and give your daily step count a boost. Peel off blazers and jackets for the drive. You will feel a lot less restricted without a suit jacket or even heavy jewellery.

Switch Your Brain On

The traditional morning talk shows are great to catch up on news & gossip but try mixing it up with some podcasts. There are plenty of apps out there that offer free podcasts on a range of topics from crime to sport and productivity to healthy living. These will help engage your brain and you will feel more educated and invigorated when you arrive at your destination.

Bring a Friend

Join up with other colleagues and carpool to work together. It will drastically reduce petrol, tolls and parking costs. Plus it’s also a bit of fun to start the day! A lot of us don’t get to know our co-workers very well outside of the confines of the office, so driving in to work together can be a great way to get to know them and maybe even find a new friendship. Better workplace relationships will make you more productive and improve your teamwork. If you work in a shared venue, like Studio 42 Workspaces, ask the staff to get you in touch with some like-minded people from your building. You’ll reap the financial benefits while networking!

Phone a Friend

Time in the car can easily feel like an eternity when you are  sitting there in start-stop traffic. Then when you arrive home, there are things to do, dinner to cook and you might not feel like making those calls you’ve been meaning to make. Take advantage of the travel time and make those calls in the car. Call your parents, catch up with an old friend or chat to your significant other. It’s a great way to multitask and connect with the important people in your life.

Location, Location, Location:

Most of us don’t have a choice, but if you are one of the lucky Aussie workers who gets to choose their location – pick wisely. There are many factors that can impact your decision, including how long and painful the commute will be. Skip the CBD and opt for a city-fringe venue to maximise on a range of benefits; parking is cheaper and easier to come by, its easier to swerve the major toll roads and you can slip through the quiet streets to miss that 8am traffic jam. Plus, most of your clients probably don’t live in the CBD anyway – so you’ll be in a more convenient position for them too! Book a tour with Studio 42 Workspaces to see all the awesome benefits for yourself.