The Best Low Maintenance Plants For Your Office.

Office greenery not only looks impressive, there are some excellent all-round benefits too. How does increasing your focus, purifying the air and improving your overall health sound?  Too good to be true? Read on! 

Interior designers and scientists alike support the inclusion of the outside world into our office spaces for aesthetic and scientific reasons.  For example, indoor plants look fantastic, create a calming atmosphere and can increase productivity, but did you know that in just one day the right office plant can eliminate up to 87% of toxins in the air?  

The best part is you don’t need to be a green thumb to enjoy beautiful and easy to care for indoor plants.  Here are 5 gloriously green indoor plant options:

Snake Plant (also known as Mother-In-Law’s Tongue, Viper’s Bowstring Hemp and Saint George’s Sword)

This is an ideal choice as it doesn’t need much love and attention, in fact the more you ignore it the more it will flourish.  Perfect!  You only need to water this plant when the soil is dry to touch, once a month is more than enough to keep it going.  It loves both direct and indirect sunlight and sits perfectly in a nice window spot.  Perhaps the most important benefit of a Snake Plant is that is acts as an air purifier absorbing toxins and significantly improves indoor air quality. They are also recommended as bedroom plants for their strong toxin absorbing qualities. 

Peace Lily or Madonna Lily

This pretty plant will grow happily in a darker space, not full sunlight.  Remember to keep it out of the direct path of an air conditioner or a heater. It’s easy to care for the Peace Lily, just trim off any discolored leaves and water every couple of weeks only when the soil is dry to touch careful not to flood it. It’s a good idea to get a larger pot to save having to repot as over time the plant outgrows its space. However, a desktop size plant is an ideal option to sit beside your laptop to mop up the technology toxins in the air.

Madagascar Dragon Tree

This is absolutely one of the best indoor floor plants to grow.  It’s easy to maintain, is slow growing most importantly the Madagascar Dragon Tree is tough and forgiving. The ideal place for this plant is in a bright airy spot away from direct sunlight as this can scorch the leaves.  They look great while they’re any size and will give your office space a lovely green focal point. Keeping the soil damp, but not too wet, will ensure a healthy and happy Madagascar Dragon Tree.  Fun fact, this amazing plant has participated in the clean air study conducted by NASA and has been found to reduce benzene, formaldehyde, xylene and toluene within the air. 

Zanzibar Gem

This hardy indoor plant lives up to its nickname ‘the eternity plant’ as it is virtually impossible to kill! It purifies the air and has health and wellness qualities such as better respiratory system function and improves circulation.  The Zanzibar Gem has thick glossy dark and light green leaves and remembering to water this beauty every 2-3 weeks in summer, less in winter, will keep it thriving.   

Lucky Bamboo

According to feng shui principles and as the name suggests, this plant brings good luck and prosperity (and you can never have enough of that!).  Super hardy and easy to care for, find a place with lots of natural bright white light to watch this plant grow. To water, completely cover the stems and every 2 – 7 days top it up if needed, completely replace the water every 2 – 3 months to give your Lucky Bamboo the best living conditions. According to Chinese tradition, the number of stalks represents different meanings.  For example: five stalks represent wealth, seven stalks represent good health, nine stalks represent great luck all the way up to 21 which represents a powerful blessing.    



So, if you’re considering adding some life and colour to your office space you really can’t go wrong with these 5 hardy and beautiful options.  You’ll be feeling the benefits in no time! We get all of our plants from the wonderful locals at Cottage Garden Nursery located conveniently in East Brisbane.

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