5 Real Benefits of Coworking and Shared Spaces

Studio 42 Workspaces   •   February 2, 2018

coworking lounge, shared workspace, concrete coffee table

Working in a hot-desking working environment with co-working spaces is far more common than you may think. This office style is made use of not just by small start-ups but also established businesses who enjoy the flexibility and convenience that shared office spaces allow. In a recent Sydney Morning Herald article, approximately 14,000 coworking spaces are operating globally, and it’s not just tech groups adopting collaborative hubs to base their business, accountants are using them too.

Here are some of the main reasons businesses of all shapes and sizes, solopreneurs, freelancers and consultants find serviced offices so attractive.

Great Networking Opportunity

As flexible workspaces are used by different organisations all the time, you can see a revolving roster of people to learn from and potentially form new working relationships with. A coworking space offers new opportunities to connect with people and industries that you may never normally come across in a regular traditional office environment. It also puts your business in front of other like-minded companies and gives you an opportunity to get feedback and support from unlikely sources.

Dynamic flexibility

A shared space office is what you can make of it. A two-person start-up venture may only require a clean desk and a high-speed internet connection, but what happens when they need to ramp up staff? Virtual offices immediately offer more working space as is needed, which saves on the traditional expense and hassle of having to find a new office to work in with extra room. Boardrooms, function space and stylish fully manned reception facilities are also available upon request. This allows you to scale your business as demand continually changes without worrying about dealing with real estate concerns.

It’s all about location

Many businesses will have to make a calculated trade-off between offering your staff an office in a great neighbourhood or one with great internal facilities for staff to enjoy. With serviced offices, you get the best out of both worlds. They offer your team members a location near top eating places, gyms and retail outlets while featuring modern office fit outs, support, and space to meet with clients who value working with businesses in central business districts.

Work life balance a priority

With break out rooms, play spaces and other modern working conveniences at your fingertips, coworking spaces afford the opportunity to easily mix business with pleasure. Ad-hoc or planned Networking events are common, allowing you and your team to mix with like-minded hot desk workers and exchange ideas, tips and opportunities. This type of environment offers the kinds of benefits more often associated with fancy, high-end workplaces without the overhead costs.

Reduced infrastructure spending

It costs a lot of money to fit out an office. Even before any staff have moved in and claimed their favourite desk, business owners need to consider the outlay required for fixed term leases and connecting telephone, internet and electricity services. With a ready-to-use co-working space, all you need to worry about is coming in and connecting to the already established amenities and support staff and get to work.

Studio 42 Workspaces in inner-city Brisbane offer the perfect blend of flexibility, affordability and professional support that businesses of all size require competing in the modern workplace. With brand new facilities, modern décor and the latest technology on offer, Studio 42 Workspaces are ready to accommodate your business at every stage. To find out more about what we can offer your Brisbane team, call us at any time on (07) 3435 1500 or contact Studio 42 Workspaces and provide us with a few details and we’ll get in touch with you.