What Are The Benefits of Coworking?

Studio 42 Workspaces   •   March 17, 2020

Coworking has become a big buzzword recently and its no different in the Sunshine State. We looked at why Brisbane coworking spaces are becoming so popular and how it can benefit your business!

1. The Bottom Line

While a good business should be fuelled by passion and industry, money really does make the world go round. You should be able to focus on what makes your business unique, throwing your energy, and your budget, into innovating, growing and sharing your vision. Coworking is able to reduce expenses by aligning costs across an optimal number of people. This ensures that everyone can receive the facilities they need, without any of the hassle. Sharing the location makes sure that spaces are not underutilised and severely reduces costs of everything from internet to stocking an office kitchen.

2. Location, Location, Location

Establishing your business in a central and accessible location is one of the cornerstones for creating a successful operation. But setting up in one of these coveted suburbs can cost an arm and a leg if you are acting alone. The coworking model will allow you to operate from a location that is central enough to be convenient for you, your employees and your clients. With most spaces located near public transport and often with parking options for your business, you really can have the best of both worlds.

3. Flexibility

Coworking spaces are mindfully designed to ensure that your needs, and the needs of your business, are met with ease and alacrity. Combining 24/7 access with discounted meetings rooms and flexible plans, your coworking space will transform with you as your business grows. Extending or altering your arrangement to suit changes in your business is both easy and effortless. You can throw administrative concerns out the window with dedicated staff available to take care of empty print cartridges, missed phone calls and internet connections. Your packages will always be signed for, your clients will be greeted with a smile and you can rely on the space to transform with you and your business.

4. Community

Coworking spaces are designed to foster relationships, create connection and support a synergistic workflow. We want to leap outside of the traditional office mindset and make sure that all members can interact and work together to benefit each person individually, and to create a community with shared purpose. The coworking environment encourages collaboration and presents unique networking opportunities every day to help make sure your business flourishes. Not only that, the open and friendly atmosphere will help ensure that you and your employees can step into a location that feels like your home away from home, a place that will support you in every step of your professional journey.

5. Sustainability

Businesses across the world are realising that they have a corporate responsibility to do what they can to maintain sustainable and ethical practices each and every day. This is sometimes easier said than done, but Studio 42 can help make sure that your office space aligns with your values. Sharing a space with other businesses is a step towards reducing your carbon footprint in and of itself, but we take a few extra steps to make sure we are working towards a cleaner future. We use only eco-conscious suppliers, rely on solar energy for the majority of our daily power, run a recycling program and use sustainable recycled business cards. These few steps are the start of our journey to a greener business, and we would love you to join us in reaching our sustainability goals.

So what are you waiting for?

If you think that coworking could be the answer to all your roadblocks, get in contact with our friendly and professional team to come check out Studio 42. We would love to be a part of your business’s story and want to help you take on each hurdle as it comes your way to let you focus on what’s important: your passion, your vision, your business.